Horn Items – Horn Flasks

Turned horn flask, made from 3 different pieces of horn and turned so the each fit inside one another. Turned wooden bottom. 6 3/4″ high 2 1/2″ across the bottom. This flask can be carried by a cord/strap or it can be carried in a pocket for a day of hunting. Price $220.00

John Bush Inspired Candle Stand and horn container. 5″ high without the candle 3 1/4″ across the bottom. John Bush inspired engraving and a tin candle cup in the cap for the beeswax candle that comes with the container. Price $200.00

Small pocket flask, turned horn body with wooden end caps, both sides have flattened horn inlays that are fully engraved. Turned horn tip fastened in the body for dispensing of powder. Size is 2 1/4 inches in diameter and  1 1/4 inches tall. Price $175.00



This is a turned pocket flask/pulverine styled horn. Made from 2 pieces of turned horn and fitted together, could be worn around the neck with a longer strap or carried in your pocket for a short excursion. It is 7 inches tall with a 2 inch bottom diameter. Price $165.00